Somen - Summer Noodles-

You may have tried some Japanese noodles such as Ramen, Udon and Soba. Then, have you ever eaten “Somen”? 

Somen are very thin noodles and often served with a light flavored dipping sauce. As Japanese summer is very hot and humid, we often feel like eating something simple. In that case, they are good. Since the taste is very simple, the noodles can go well with anything like meat, veges and egg. So you don't have to worry the lack of nourishment caused by eating only Somen. You can add more nutrition to combat the heat.

Usually, the noodles are white because they are made of wheat flour. But some are colored. The picture shows the one blended with matcha. Somen with hint of Matcha flavor can also improve our appetites.

Matcha flavored Somen (Dried) -T-