Japanese Pu'er Cookies

Japan is not the country of "green tea only". You may know black tea known as Wakocha and Oolong tea have also been seen recently. 

Ishizuchi Kurocha cookies
Other than that, several kinds of fermented dark teas, in other words, Japanese Pu'er tea (known as Goishicha, Ishizuchi-kurocha, Awa-bancha etc.),  have been produced in some local areas. They are not new, they've been produced as local teas since olden times. The quantity is very small respectively and the teas are not that well-known. Also distinctive flavors that the teas have don't attract many. In addition, the process requires a great deal of labor and times, and the number of the farmers has been decreasing. For those reasons, I seldom see those teas in the market. 

The other day, I happened to find "Ishizuchi-kurocha cookies", I couldn't find the tea itself there though. I suppose  the black stuff in the cookies should be the leaves, but unfortunately they don't have any flavor of the tea. 

Whenever I come across interesting tea, I feel lucky. The one I found wasn't tea itself and couldn't find the tea-flavor in them, but still it was my day.

* About Goishi-cha (See my old post)

Black stuff may be the leaves  -T-