More Tea for Processing

Do you know what is “tencha”? It is ground with a stone mill into powdered tea. This is what we call “matcha”. So we could say that tencha is “an origin” of matcha.

Recently, the production of tencha has been increasing rapidly in Japan. It's been doubled in the last decade. This is not because that we drink more matcha or enjoy Sado (traditional Japanese tea ceremony). It is because the matcha-flavored sweets and foods are getting so popular here and there, maybe in your country too. Chocolate, cake, cookie, ice cream, pan cake, noodles………We see a lots of lots of matcha-flavored stuff.

Due to this situation, even one of the most famous sencha producing areas in Kyoto has changed their ways. I heard that more tea farmers produce “tencha for processing” than sencha.

In general, people less drink tea, but more eat tea-flavored food. Don't get me wrong. I like matcha-flavored snacks and foods. I just wonder since when tea has come to be “a thing to eat”……..
Tencha -T-