Lovely to see you, Typhoo!

I prefer using tea leaves for my cup of tea and usually don’t buy tea bags myself. However, some tea bags bring back memories of my days in London, making me feel warm. 

Tetley, PG Tips and Typhoo are some of them. They were everywhere as long as I remember. Especially when I saw a huge box of tea bags named “Typhoo” for the first time, I thought “Typhoon!!?? What is that!!!??? ” Soon I found out it was Typhoo, not "typhoon", but the name left me a powerful impression, anyway. 

PG Tips has been available in Japan, but Tetely and Typhoo had not been around at least in my area. BUT, I came across it! I haven’t seen you for a while, Typhoo! You look a bit different now, don't you? I am not saying this is one of my favorites, but still I was happy to find it.  Now, I’m looking forward to seeing you, Tetley! Ha, ha. 

-by T-