Would you like a cup of tea with Hello Kitty?

When I was a kid, I had stationery that Hello Kitty was drawn on. A pen case, pencils, a notebook……Hello Kitty was around me. Now, not even one though. .I know she is cute, but I am surprised to know that she is that popular around the world. 

This may be a great news for Kitty-lovers. "The Japanese Style Tea House Hello Kitty Saryo" has opened recently in Kyoto. They serve various foods like Kitty wagashi, Kitty Matcha latte, Kitty box lunch, Kitty parfait.....whatever you order, she comes with. 

Which would you like to try?  

- Frm Hello Kitty Saryo Website -
 * Hello Kitty Saryo Website    http://www.telacoya.co.jp/kt/