Everyday Life

Some of you may have heard the name of the city "KOBE" if you like KOBE beef. 

Just 20 years ago today, January 17, 1995, the big earthquake hit that area, leaving nearly 6500 people dead. I was there back then. Lots of houses and shops, high buildings were leveled to the ground, some roads were cracked and the highway was collapsed. Needless to say, all lifelines were stopped. People in the ground zero couldn't get any information and were not sure exactly what happened and what was happening. "Everyday life" was not there.

Now I don't live in Kobe, but went to walk around the place where I used to live in Kobe. I remembered a lot, thought a lot and felt a lot. And I thank people who helped and supported me, and thank for everyday life that I live now. I'm writing this while having a cup of tea. I feel more than happy that I'm here.....

Morning tea on the 20th anniversary of the disaster.
Teacup is given by a person who helped me back then.