Give Life Again to the Tradition

Happy New Year!  How did you welcome 2015?

My first cup of black tea this year was poured by Testubin, literally means iron kettle.
This is kettle, so tetsubin is originally used to boil water. That is, we boil water in the kettle and make tea in a separate teapot. 

But the modern colored-testsubin is not the same. This is a teapot. 

Unfortunately, the original style of kettle almost went out for a while maybe because of the price and the extra-care in maintenance, but the new role as a colored-teapot, started in Europe, has given life again to it.

The colored-tetsubin is processed as a teapot. Therefore, you shouldn't put it on the stove like kettle. If you want to use it as a kettle, why don't you get the original style one!

In any case, we can enjoy Tea with Tetsubin:-)

Enjoy 2015 and your tea.  I will:-) 

Colored Tetsubin -T-