Get-Together for Scone and Tea, and a little bit of English

It was more than 20 years ago when I visited London for the first time. I remember what a tearoom owner - where I happened to stop by and enjoy scone and tea -  said then. He said jokingly with a big smile, “Why do all Japanese order scones?? Yes, 100%!! You must love scones.” Yes, we did and we still do, ha, ha.

I hosted a cozy get-together for “Enjoy cream tea (a set of scone and tea) and English language”. About 10 people came to join it and enjoyed “cream tea”. The place where the event was held is not that big. So 10 was quite big enough for that place. See, we still love scones!

We chatted about England, and I introduced how to enjoy scones in English. And Here comes a scone! Everyone looked so happy to enjoy it. 

Later on, I also served a Wakocha made in Tsushima island in Nagasaki prefecture. Since not many Japanese don’t know we produce black tea, I took advantage of this event to introduce Wakocha. They  tends to be very gentle in general, but this one can be quite strong and goes with milk.
Tsushima Kocha (Wakocha made in Tsushima island)

Anyway…..they enjoyed meeting people and sharing the time together, and knowing a little bit of English language. Of course I enjoyed myself too. Tea is for pleasure and sharing, isn't it?

And I have to tell you this....When I teach English, I always pay much much more attention to "proper English" than this blog.....So please overlook my English here, ha, ha.