Tea with a Sakura Bouquet - Shizu7132 -

Sakura (cherry blossoms) is very very special to Japanese. We feel so happy and excited when the season is approaching.

Did you know there is a tea which is perfect for this season? It’s a tea with “sakura-ish” aroma. Not like the ones that some artificial flavoring is provided, or some dried sakura leaves are mixed. It is the one which has natural sakura-ish bouquet. 

What creates such a lovely smell? It is thanks to a tea variety, named “Shizu7132”. When sencha is produced by this variety, a hint of sakura scent comes out. Isn't that interesting? Since "Shizu7132" is the name of the variety, you may find as “Machiko”, “Sakura-kahori” or so on the market.

Sakura pleases to the eye, to the palate and “the nose” too.