From Tea Cooking to Tea Entertaiment

Nowadays, green tea-flavored sweets are everywhere. What about green tea dishes?
Even in Japan, it is not that common other than tea-producing areas.

I joined a tea cooking class held in one of the tea places, Ujitawara town in Kyoto.
These are what we cooked and ate.

*Tea-flavored mushed potato’s deep fried chicken roll
*Chawanmushi (literally "tea cup steam" ) is an egg custard dish with tea thick sauce
*Tea furikake (rice seasoning sprinkled on a bowl of rice)

*Fish carpaccio with tea flavored sauce

*Matcha affogato

Even the vegetable we used are grown the town. I feel like I had full of “Ujitawara”.
After that, we went the local tea farms, which was a nice walk after a big meal.

Before I forget, I would like  to mention this. One of stuff members showed us “tea juggling” not cocktail juggling. You might say "What is that!!??" I couldn’t take a movie long enough, but why don't you click it?

And these are teas what he made! Surprisingly....they were good.

We enjoyed Ujitawara tea from food to entertainment :-)