Go to Drugstore for Tea !?

According to a dictionary, a “drugstore” is a shop where drugs and medicines are sold or given out, and where you can buy cosmetics, some household goods, and drinks and snacks. Right. That’s what I know about a drugstore. Japanese drugstores are also like that. 

Some of them, especially the ones located around the area for tourists have become like “tea shop”. I already knew tons of Matcha sweets and foods are sold there. 

Full of Matcha snacks 

Recently, tea such as Sencha and Hojicha are on the shelves. And what is more surprising, they are BIG! One-kilogram bag!!! I’ve never seen such a big bag at the retailers. That’s for wholesalers!! Obviously, they are for tourists from abroad, but I’m curious how many bags are sold a day.

1 KG Hojicha and Green tea