"I LOVE TEA" by Kit Kat

Kit Kat (Nestle Group) will release its new products, “Kit Kat Chocolatoly ‘I LOVE TEA’” on April 1st. You can enjoy five different flavored Kit Kat; Gyokuro, Hojicha, Genmaicha, Oolong and black tea.

"I LOVE TEA" (I do too!!)
photo by Nestle Group

According to the company, the combination of the abundant tea leaves and the flavorful chocolate creates a miraculous taste. Also you will be impressed by its appearance because you can see the leaves in it. 

Photo by Nestle Group

Matcha Kit Kat is already on the market and selling well. Especially, they are so popular among the tourists from overseas. I believe this new “I LOVE TEA” version will attract many not only tourists but Japanese too.

Photo by Nestle Group