The Longest in the World ! - tea dumplings -

Uji city in Kyoto is known as one of the most famous tea-producing areas. Now Uji is officially recognized “the best in the world”.:-) 

by Kyoto Shingun
On March 6, there was an entertainment to apply for recognition of their record in the Guinness Book there, which is to line up tea-dumplings, known as "cha-dango" as long as possible!

Around 2,000 people joined it and kept lining up the dumplings for three hours. It was shorter than their original plan, but still about 16,000 dumplings, app.342 meters in length, were lined up. Of course, it was recognized by the Guinness Book as the longest in the world! They raised their “tea cups” in a toast and celebrated their achievement.

When you happen to visit Uji, don't miss "cha-dango" with Uji tea!