Tea From Capsule Toy Machine

Have you ever tried capsule toy vending machines? We usually call the vending machine “gacha-gacha”, which is onomatopoeia for the sound of capsul’s falling. Of course, I have done “gacha-gacha” when I was a kid.

I heard that the machines are now installed at  Narita International Airport, and they are very popular among tourists waiting for return flights to use up leftover coins. Some of you may have got a small toy from the machine when you came to Japan. 

"Gacha-gacha" is not only Narita airport anymore. You are able to try it at Shizuoka airport too. Your prize is not a toy though. You will get a tea bag and a tin badge instead That’s Shizuoka! If you have 200yen at hand before leaving Shizuoka, why don’t you try “gacha-gacha” to get a teabag?!

Photo by Shimada