Japanese Words for Geeks

The other day, I was asked what to say those in Japanese. So….FYR.

*Tekisai 摘採 tea plucking
* Icho 萎凋 withering
* Junen 揉捻 rolling
* Hakko 発酵 oxidation
* Kanso 乾燥 drying

Little bit more…..

* Zairai 在来Native tea grown of the region from of old, not the one propagated from cultivars. 
(Actually, since the origin of zairai is unknown, strictly speaking, some may not be really native. But it became a part of native over a long long period of time. )
* Yamacha 山茶: wild tea
* Misho 実生: seedling
* Sashiki 挿し木: cutting

Zairai is a tricky word. The definition is a bit ambiguous. Actually, zairai is sometimes explained the tea from seed, which is true. But tea from seed is not always called zairai in Japanese. Some cultivars are propagated from seed too.