Maccha Tiramisu - Maccha House-

The tea room “ MACCHA HOUSE” has deployed 12 branches mainly in Asia region including Singapore and Hong Kong. 

I went to the Osaka branch.

Their signature is matcha tiramisu in a wooden cup known as “masu”. What a beautiful Matcha! Lovely color, and delicate and fine powder!

This matcha is from a tea company “Morihan”. No wonder! Morihan, founded in 1863, is known as one of the best in Kyoto. 

Not only looks beautiful, but tastes wonderful!! Once you take a bite, a pleasant bitterness and rich aroma will fill in your mouth together nicely with mascarpone! Yum-yum!! Actually, I had it with a bowl of Matcha. I did enjoy so much Matcha. 

I haven't caught a cold this winter yet. I guess it's thanks to tons of catechin in tea. (Knock wood:-)) 

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