Hojicha Fondue

The Nishiki Market in Kyoto used to be called “the kitchen of Kyoto people”. Almost all Kyoto-ish food are available there. Now, it is one of the biggest tourist attractions and always packed with tourists rather than local people.

There is one tea shop called “Nishiki Ichiyo” at the market. 

I elbowed my way to the shop through the crowd for this: Hojicha fondue!

 The two-tiered wooden box was served. There were several small dish including very Kyoto-ish food called “fu (wheat-gluten bread)” You put those food into the bowl of hojicha sauce on the top of the box.

Remember, this is NOT chocolate, a bit of sweeten hojicha sauce. It was  very thick, but different from thick matcha. I think some kind of starch-ish makes the tea thicker.

What attracted me more was the box. Especially the both sides of it. So cute!

When you pull a drawer open….

Together with Hojicha fondue, Matcha fondue are their signature. Their tea flavored popcorn is also popular. When you have a chance to visit the Nishiki market in Kyoto, why don’t you drop at?

Nishiki Ichiyo   https://nishiki-ichiha.com/