Genmaicha Sakura Tea

Sakura season has come already! So we see more sakura-related stuff including food and tea here and there.

Tea and food menu items at a Japanese tea room, Osaka Chakai, in Osaka.
Sakura sweets and Sakura Green tea Latte… I found a “Genmaicha Sakura shuffle”. I was curious what that was….Looks like latte, but never had genmaicha latte anyway….

That was cold beverage, which was ground genmaicha mixed with milk with a salted sakura petal on it. When I was going to drink it, I smelled the aroma of genmaicha. I mean I smelled the roast aroma before drinking, which was nice. It was slightly sweetened, and a little saltiness of tiny edible sakura accentuated the tea.

It is supposed to look prettier. Unfortunately, a sakura petal is sinking.....

Matcha latte, hojicha latte are already so popular everywhere. I guess, it is genmaicha turn now.

* Osaka Chakai  https://www.osakachakai.jp/