Japanese Green Tea in 2019

What is the food trend in Japan this year?

A food expert says that “organic” and “healthy” are the key words. Especially, “Falafel” and “Japanese green tea”.

Falafel is new to many Japanese, and it will attract people who have been looking for something new.

Japanese green tea……
You may think Japanese have been drinking Japanese green tea……that’s not true.
People are talking about Starbucks tea menu items and bottled green tea stuff, but that’s it. Green tea consumption has declined.

However, there is a lay of hope. Last a couple of years, the number of specialty Japanese tea shop has been increasing, especially in Tokyo for some reasons. I believe one of the biggest reasons is thanks to the world trend. I mean the Japanese green tea is getting popular outside of Japan. We found out that people overseas drinks the tea that we didn’t usually do or think of.

The drinking style won’t be the same as before. Looking forward to seeing how the Japanese green tea will survive in line with the times.

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