Japanese Wellness Tea

The article I read says that the trend of health, well-being and wellness continues to be a major drive in the UK and US tea markets in 2019. Japan is no exception.

Recently, an Osaka-based Japanese tea shop has launched their new wellness tea brand.

There are about 60 different kinds of wellness teas. They are not infusion, which means all the teas have actual Japanese tea (Sencha, hojicha, genmaicha, wakocha, kukicha, or kukihojicha) and blend with some other herbs and botanical stuff like: 

hatomugi (Job's Tear's)
dokudami (Hourruynia cordata)...according to Wikipedia:-)
kinkan (kumquat)
kanzo (licorice)
amachazuru (five leaf ginseng)
yomogi (mugwojrt)
natsume (Jujube)
kuko (Gojiberry)
ukon (turmeric)

to name but few......

I believe some are very Japanese or Asian plants, and don't sound familiar or even appetizing either. But all of them have efficacy respectively and Japanese have been taking them for long.

You may call them as “functional teas” in English. Again, there are 60 different kinds of teas. I am sure you will find to suit you.