"Full-course" Sweets with Japanese Tea

At the sweets shop "LE MUSEE DE H" run by Mr Tsujiguchi, one of the most famous patissier in Japan in Kanazawa city in Ishikawa.

<First course>
Plum jerry with greening apple sauce together with Yuzu citrus flavor oolong tea

<Second Course>
Gyokuro from Uji-Tawara in Kyoto is served.  

The first and the second infusion are served with the special tea cup.

While enjoying the sweets and tea, Yubukita cultivar tea is being roasted on a tea incense burner known as "cha-koro"

The third infusion is served with a bigger cup.
Used Gyokuro leaves with a bit of soy sauce, which is very tasty. 

<Third course>

Hojicha (roasted tea) fresh from "cha-koro"is served. The roasted aroma is good with fondant au chocolate. If you like, why don't you put yuzu citrus sauce in the white cup on the sweets?  You will love the combination of rich dark chocolate and refreshing yozu tastes! 

 LE MUSEE DE H in Kanazawa  (Japanese only)