tea & bar at The Thousand Kyoto

I enjoyed Afternoon tea at the newly opened hotel in Kyoto. 

Their specialty is wide variety of Japanese tea, especially Wakocha (Japanese black tea). They serve five different kinds of Wakocha, and four different flavored Wakocha, which is very unusual and special to serve that wide selection of the tea at such a luxurious tea room like here.

In addition the Hotel's original four kinds flavored tea and a Shizuoka smoky Wakocha, 
they have these.
1. The hotel original blend (from Wazuka in Kyoto)
2. Yabukita cultivar tea (from Shizuoka, Tokai region)
3, Benihikari cultivar tea (from Nara, Kansai region)
4. Blend tea (from Kochi, Shikoku region)
5 Benifuki cultivar tea (from Kagoshima, Kyusu region)

I went there for Afternoon tea with the grower of Kagoshima Benifuki tea. Both of us are big tea drinkers, and we had a lot of tea.... Actually, 6 different kind of the tea together. The stuff members brew each tea very carefully, and we could see how they treated the teas. 

All the tea are shining, and very aromatic!

Of course, the food was very tasty and Kyoto-ish, especially savory ones.

There are also various kinds of green tea including Gyokuro, several Sencha, Hojicha  and Matcha, of course. Why don't you drop at "tea&bar" at the hotel, The Thousand Kyoto, to try some teas!