My Hand-Rolled Black Tea

I went to a tea event in Kyoto. Since I brought back a tiny amount of tea leaves I plucked, I tried to process my tea!

1.    Withering: Leave leaves for one day. Water content is reduced by 40 %. 
(Originally, the weight of leaves is 16.8g. After withering, it becomes about 10.2g)

2.    Rolling: Keep rolling while loosening the lump once in a while. It gets sticker and sticker. I did it about for 30 minutes.

3.    Oxidation: Lay the leaves thinly, and covered with a wet paper. Leave it for 3.5 hours in my case.

4  Drying: Dry them to stop oxidation. I use a hair dryer, ha, ha.

4.    Final drying: Leave it overnight to make them dry completely.

Looks like tea-ish!
too green-ish!?? I would say very light oxidized tea.

Very mild without any unpleasant bitterness.
Whatever it is, it's fun, and I am happy that I've made drinkable tea!