Japanese Tea room in Kobe -Kobe Chai Hane-

I visited a Japanese tea room, Kobe Chai Hane. Their tea menu shows where the tea is grown, how it is processed and the cultivar, which is very kind for people who don't know about tea well.


The tea I ordered is this: Fukamushi Sencha (deep-steamed Sencha), Saemidori cultivar in Shimane. They are covered for a week. It is too short to be called "Kabuse cha (covered tea)", but much more Umami-rich tea than I expected. I suppose, thanks to the cultivar.

Recently, more people prefer milder and more Umami taste rather than refreshing astringency. So more tea tend to be covered even for a short time.

The tea room serves sweets and lunch including take away lunch while serving very special tea. Which means all the people from the young to the elderly, from tea geeks to non-geeks can enjoy. Anyway, it's lunch time! I had tea flavored rice and a bowl of miso flavored pork soup.

The rice is cooked in Bancha, and some tea flack are sprinkled on it. 

In front of the tea room, there are some menu lists using a wooden box. Actually, tea used to be kept in those boxes. Great way to be upcycled!