Special Tencha (ingredient of Matcha)

At the Teatopia Festival in Wazuka, Kyoto.

I had Tencha (ingredient of Matcha) made from a special cultivar “Narino” from a long-establish tea shop “Horii-shichimeien” in Uji. This very special tencha was served only for the festival, and under the sky.

For  five grams Tencha, very small amount of low temperature water is poured, and wait for 45 seconds.

Looks very pale, but it has tons of Umami. Very overwhelming!! Multiple infusions can be enjoyed.

Of course, I ate infused leaves, which contains lots of nutrients left, with a bit of soy sauce.

A friend of mine kindly shared Matcha made from the same cultivar, Narino. It is also very good. Just make sure, when tencha is ground by stone-mill, it become "Matcha".

I am glad I didn't miss this Tencha!!