Cute Tea Pot

What do you think it is? It is a funny, cute stuffed toy tea pot called “Yame-chan (literal; dera Yame) ”. I found it at a tea shop.

Yame is the name of the city located in Fukuoka, Japan. As you may easily guess, Yame tea is one of largest Japanese tea production, especially Gyokuro. To be honest, I haven't been to Yame, yet, but I would love to visit!

The greatest appellation of gyokuro is Yame, in Fukuoka Prefecture in terms of both quality and quantity. More than 40% of gyokuro is produced in Yame, and in the national tea jury in August 2007, gyokuro of Yame held all the ranking positions from first to 26th as the best gyokuro.The Uji district is the oldest gyokuro-producing region in Japan. – Wikipedia -