How to Prepare Gyokuro & Sencha

Gyokuro is the highest grade of Japanese green tea that is prepared by tea leaves steeped in hot water. Sencha, characterized by refreshing fragrance and taste, is the most common tea in Japan. To make Gyokuro and Sencha, tea leaves are steamed and dried as they are rolled into needle shapes.

Now, why don’t you prepare Gyokuro and Sencha?

< Gyokuro & Sencha (2 servings)>
 1) Warm a teapot, *yuzamashi, and teacups with boiling water beforehand. Pour 90ml of boiling water into *yuzamashi to let it cool down to 50-60°C (122-140°F) for Sencha. For Gyokuro, down to 40- 50°C (104- 122°F).

2) Place 5g of tea leaves in the pot, and add the cooled hot water. Steep for 1-2 minutes and serve by pouring tea using **mawashitsugi-method. Make sure to pour until the very last drop, which holds the highest concentration of flavor.

 A temporary vessel for adjusting water temperatures

Pour tea a little at a time into each cup in turn, and then fill it in the reverse order. With this, the color and strength of tea will be the same as it is.