Japanese tea and Sweets

Sencha is the most common and versatile tea in Japan. Interestingly, you can enjoy different taste depending on how to brew.

The keys are;
1) The hotter temperature of hot water brings the refreshing aroma and pleasant bitterness.
2) The lower temperature of hot water produces umami and mildness.

When your tea is ready, why don’t you enjoy with sweets?
* Sencha using hotter temperature water goes well with refreshing and sour sweets such as  tart with fresh citrus fruits, macaroon with citrus jam.

*Sencha using lower temperature water, it goes well with milder and creamer sweets, but not too rich such as tart with fresh berries, fruit mousse, sponge cake.

If you love sweets using chocolate, toffee, caramel, nuts or cinnamon, Hojicha would be recommendable. The delicious aromas, both those sweets and Hojicha have, will enhance the taste each other. And, to prepare Hojicha, you can always use hot water!