Pan-fire and Steaming

To process black tea, tea leaves are to be wilted and oxidized after picked so that their chlorophyll breaks down and tannins are released, which is generally called “fermentation process”. While green tea, soon after picked, tea leaves are needed to be stopped fermentation by adding heat, mainly by steaming in case of Japanese green tea. 

Also there is another way to do that. That is pan-fired method. This is often done to process Chinese tea, but some Japanese green tea is also made by pan-fire. Unlike steaming type, pan-fired type has a distinctive aroma, which is great.

Actually, steaming one is more popular in the market, but recently, this pan-fired type know as called “Kama-iri ( kama:pan, iri:pan-fire)” has been paid much more attention especially to tea-lovers. People, including me of course, have been more demanding. Rather than mass production, now is the time for something special, something unique and something personal.