Summer Specialty "Uji-Kintoki"

Summer is hot, of course, but Japanese summer is more than that. Humid, sticky and sweltering!! That’s a bad news….

In order to cope with this season, shaved ice dessert, known as “Kakigori”, helps a lot. There is a wide variety of flavor such as strawberry, lemon, melon, and “Uji-kintoki”, which is my favorite. “Uji” is one of the most famous Japanese tea producing area's name, and “Kintoki” is another name for red beans. That is, sweetened tea, matcha, and sweetened red beans are on the shaved ice. Both sweetness and a bit of bitterness of matcha are well-balanced, saving us from the heat for a while.

Kakigori  "Uji-kintoki flavor"  -photo by Mr.Akasu-