Summer Flavored Tea

Personally, I prefer regular tea such as Keemun, Assam, Uva etc. to flavored tea. However, many prefer flavored tea in Japan. Seems like this is a trend throughout the world.

Those are some examples sold only in summer at a Japanese tea shop.

Mint & grapefruit flavored green tea
Pomegranate & jasmine flavored green tea
Chinese-style almond jelly & tropical fruit
Lemon soda flavored green tea topped with “Kompeitou” (pointed sugar candy balls)

lemon soda flavor topped with "Kompeitou"  By Lupicia

Again, I don’t drink flavored tea basically, but those teas are attracting more people for sure. I am curious about the special flavor for this autumn.

Kamairicha made by Mr Kajihara in Kumamoto

Japan usually has a lot of rain this time of year. We need it to some extent. However, the situations are getting much worse, much more ext...