Greenish or Yellowish?

In order to process green tea, tea leaves need to be steamed soon after plucking. Depending on the length of the steaming time, they have different names respectively Futsumushi (lit; regular steaming), Asamushi (lit; light steaming) and Fukamushi (lit; deep steaming).

Usually, tea leaves grown in the mountain (ex; Kyoto) are produced as Futsumushi, while the one in the wide flatland (ex; Shizuoka) are made as Fukamushi. Since the leaves in the flatland get more sun directly, they tend to be harder and have more bitterness in general. Interestingly, the process of longer steam gives tea milder taste and flavor. Another character for Fukamushi is the finished tea shape. It is relatively broken. Therefore, tiny tea leaves are poured in a cup and you have them with liquid. Actually, it’s good for you because the leaves contain a lot of nutrients.

If you want to know which one you drink, look at the tea color. Futsumushi  is yellowish or goldenish. Fukamushi has more green color because of the tiny leaves in your cup. Which is yours?

Fukamushi tea  -photo by T-

Futsumushi tea -photo by T-