Japan is not "Rice country" anymore??

If you ask me what the Japanese staple food is, I say “rice”. However, it doesn’t seem to be perfectly correct.  Surprisingly, the consumption of bread has surpassed that of rice.

This is the annual expenses per household of rice and bread.
*Rice: 62,554yen (1990) → 27,780yen (2011)
*Bread: 26,122yen (1990) → 28,368yen (2011)

According to the figure above, I think I should say the rice consumption has drastically dropped rather than that of bread has increased.

There seem to be some reasons why we have less rice. First, other than rice and bread, there have been more choices to eat and we don’t stick to rice every day. Second, making rice is more troublesome. To prepare rice, we need to rinse, cook and wash the rice cooker after cooking. Instead, we get bread from the bakery and simply eat it.
"Rice and green tea” is considered to be a great combination and the pillar of Japanese diet. But, we’ve been having less rice. I may have to say this is the one of the reasons the consumption of green tea has been decreasing.