Craft Tea -wakocha-

There is a wide variety of craft beer here and there. Of course we have a lot in Japan too. According to dictionary, craft beer means “a beer with a distinctive flavor, produced and distributed in a particular region.“ In that case, I believe “wakocha (Japanese black tea)” can be called “craft tea” because each tea has a distinctive flavor from region to region, and from farmer to farmer, produced in particular region.

Minami Satsuma First Flush  by t
I’ve tried so many craft teas so far. But still a lot that I haven’t tried yet. The other day, I’ve found great one, “Minami Satsuma First Flush” made in Kagoshima prefecture. It has a beautiful flowery aroma, a good body and lingering finish. I would say this is one of my favorite. In a way, there are too many to try, but it means the fun of discovering a craft tea increases, which is great.

*The craft tea "Minami Satsuma First Flush" is from  a tea shop "Kureha".
Kureha website: http://creha.net/   (in Japanese)

the owner of Kureha