I'll Win for Sure -Kit Kat-

Do you know Kit Kat, a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar snack? Maybe, many do because it is now produced worldwide. Then, have you seen a special Kit Kat for students preparing for an entrance exam? We do in Japan.

Now is the entrance exam season here and we see some snacks and food to encourage the students on the market. Why is Kit Kat one of them? Chocolate is good for your brain of course, but not only that. It is due to wordplay. The sound of Kit Kat is similar to a Japanese expression, especially Kyushu (the Southern part of Japan) dialect, “kitto katsutoh”, which means “I’ll win for sure”.

I believe the students have been studying really hard to win in a fiercely competitive entrance exam. But they need time to relax once in a while. In that case, the special Kit Kat and tea will help them for sure. Good luck!