Another Wagashi - Manju-

I posted about handmade wagashi on the previous blog. I also made "manju", a steamed bun. Again, this is how "manju" is made.

1) Mix ground yam and sugar.  Let the dough stand at least half a day in the fridge. Then, add rice flour and knead well.

Mr Hamada "Wagashi Shokunin(maker)"

2) Mix bean paste with edible pickled sakura leaves so that you will get the flower-flavored paste.

3) Wrap sakura-flavored bean paste with yam dough. The tip is that you need to round your palm. Then, steam them 10 minutes.

This was the most tough process for me!

just before steamed

                       Sakura-flavored manju really goes well with matcha!

Do you live in Osaka area? Or are you planning to come to Japan? If so, why don't you try making your own wagashi? This shop gives you a lesson regularly.