Handmade WAGASHI at isshin -Kinton-

Have you eaten wagashi, traditional Japanese confectionery? I like to eat, but  never made it. The other day, I had a chance to make some at a wagashi shop “isshin” in Osaka. About the shop, please see my old post.

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2012/9/10 http://japaneseteastory.blogspot.jp/2012/09/harmony-of-japanese-and-western.html

This is one of wagashi I made on that day. It is known as "Kinton". It represents spring mountain, showing the change of the season from the fresh leaves from Sakura.

This is how it is made.
1) Prepare red bean paste. Color white bean paste green and pink. Roll those into balls with your hands.

2)Strain the bean paste by using a rattan strainer.

after paste strained....

3) Cover red bean paste with strained paste by chopsticks.

Looks easy, but it is not. Still, I really enjoyed hand-made wagashi!
Bon appétit with Wakocha! 
To be continued…