Hachiju-hachiya -Good Luck Tea-

Hachiju-hachiya (literally, “eighty-eighth night”) is a very special day for Japanese tea. It is the 88th day counting from Risshun (the first day of spring). Since Risshun is decided according to the Japanese traditional calendar, Hachiju-hachiya is also movable every year. In 2013, it falls on May 2.

What makes the tea so special? It is believed that drinking green tea made from tea leaves picked on Hachiju-hachiya will bring you good health for the year. Yes, this tea is “good luck tea”. Tea festivals are annually held at tea-producing areas including Kyoto and Shizuoka on the day. When you happen to be in Japan, why don’t you taste “good luck tea”!

at Wazuka in Kyoto -by T-