Children's Day -Kashiwamochi -

May 5th is a national holiday known as “Kodomo-no-hi”, or Children’s Day.
Actually, since this day was traditionally celebrated as the Boy’s day until after World War second, the traditional way of celebrating the day still remains, for example displaying warrior dolls and miniature suits of armor, and hoisting carp-shaped streamers called “koinobori”. They are for boys, aren’t they?

But, there is a good thing for everyone to enjoy this day, which is a traditional seasonal sweets known as “kashiwa-mochi (rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf)”. It is said that oak leaves won’t fall down until new buds come out, meaning the family will continue. In other word, oak is a symbol of the prosperity of our posterity. Japanese sweets are not only things to eat. A lot of love and wishes is into those. Don’t you think?
Kashiwa mochi

Kashiwa-mochi is always good with Japanese green tea, but I like to have it with black tea including wakocha and even Darjeeling! What would you like?

Kamairicha made by Mr Kajihara in Kumamoto

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