Wakocha-Flavored "Kompeito"

In Japan, there are lots of sweets, which were originally introduced from other countries and have been rooted as a traditional Japanese confectionery. Sugar candy called “Kompeito” is one of them.

colorful Kompeito by wikipedia
In the early 16th century, Portuguese traders introduced the candy. Back then, since sugar was very rare and expensive, the sweets were very special. It was not that widely popular until around end of 19th century among the commons.
Nowadays, they are much more available, and various flavors like lemon, strawberry, orange and matcha come in, which make them colorful.

Wakocha Kompeito -T-
The other day, I happened to find wakocha-flavored kompeito for the first time. I have to admit this...whenever something wakocha, I feel like I have to try, anyway. That was just a sugar candy, but I smelled the tea, which makes me happy :-).


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