The Book of Wakocha

I’ve posted about Japanese black tea here, so you may know Japan produces black tea too other than green.There seem to be nearly 400 kinds of wakocha throughout the nation, but not many Japanese have tried it yet because of its limited production. However, the wakocha market is getting wider and wider.

Recently, the very first book about WAKOCHA (Japanese black tea) has published. ("The book of Wakocha written by Mr. Okamoto, an owner of wakocha shop “kureha”). This book tells you about the details of the tea, recommendable preparation way and how you enjoy your teatime and recipe for arranged wakocha tea.

Mr. Okamoto says this:
Wakocha, Japanese black tea, is  made from tea leaves grown in Japan and processed in Japanese climate. This Japanese nature creates completely new peculiar charm unlike conventional teas.
This book will lead you new Japanese black tea world. Enjoy!!
written by H.Okamoto