Fresh or Matured? -Aroma vs Flavor -

Now is the time for Shincha (lit; new tea) . It usually refers to "Sencha" made from the first tea leaves of the year, and is valued as high-quality of tea. However, it isn’t always the case. Some Japanese tea with high quality can be aged as wine and cheese are so.

Shincha is particularly characterized by fresh aroma producing from young tender buds and leaves. It gives us sense of refreshing and the power of youth when drinking. While aging, tea gets matured, bringing deeper flavor and milder taste. In other words,  “new tea for fresh aroma, and aged tea for deeper flavor.”
Sounds like our human beings, doesn’t it? When young, people are fresh and powerful. Over time, they get matured and more stable.

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It completely depends on your preference which you’d select either new or aged teas. Which would you prefer??


Kamairicha made by Mr Kajihara in Kumamoto

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