Hojicha is drawing power

As you know, Matcha is not only a drink anymore. It is also popular as one of the flavors of sweets and food.

Now it seems to be “Hojicha” turn.

Hojicha latte, hojicha ice-cream, and other hojicha flavored sweets are already common.
Recently, you can eat Hojicha ramen in Tokyo. It doesn’t mean the ramen soup is Hojicha. Hojicha is used as one of the seasonings, which helps take away the distinguish smell of meat and make the taste deeper.

Also, even the perfume giving impression of Hojicha has been on the market. The amount of an initial shipment was sold out within one week.

Hojicha itself has a toasty aroma and less caffeine. I like drinking hojicha as it is but it’s interesting to see how Hojicha is “developing”.

Hojicha scent (frm LUZ-store)