New Matcha Definition

While Matcha has gained its popularity in the world, I have seen and heard that the tea called “Matcha” are sold here and there. I mean the quality is poor. To me, some of them seem even far from Matcha that I know.

Japan Tea Central Public Interest Incorporated Association says that they are going to renew the definition of Matcha for the first time in 26 years.

The current definition only says that Matcha is the fine powdered tea which is ground with stone mill.

The new definition is to mention about its cultivation method and specify the process of, what is called Matcha. If the tea doesn’t follow the new definition, it will be called “Funmactsucha (lit; powdered tea) and clearly distinguished from Matcha.  This new rule doesn’t have any legal power, but the Japanese Association is planning to approach this idea to International Standards Organization.