A Japanese Tea Event in Osaka

Japanese tea has been attracting more people in the world. Mr Oscar Brekell, a Swedish guy, is one of them. I should say he does just more than that. He attracts enough to be a certified Japanese instructor. What's more surprising, he speaks amazing and beautiful Japanese. I think it’s better than mine….
The other day, his book launch seminar was held at a tea shop in Osaka. I served as master of ceremonies.

talk about tea things, future of Japanese tea etc
with an owner of the tea shop

Many Japanese gathered to learn about Japanese tea from the Swedish Japanese tea instructor. In a way, it is sad for Japanese to forget about the beauty of Japanese tea, but it was a great chance for them to remember and re-recognize it. Also, they learned Japanese tea can be very stylish and cool, and the taste changes depending on the brewing way. Knowing that Japanese tea is getting more popular outside Japan, the guests seemed to be proud of the tea too.

He has published “The Book of Japanese tea”, written in both Japanese and English. It's very informative. If you are interested in Japanese tea, you will like it.