Afternoon Tea Hunting!?

“--- katsu” is a kind of fad in Japan now.
“katsu” is an abbreviated word for “katsudo”, which is translated as “activity” or “hunting”.
“Kon-katsu” means spouse-hunting. “Shu-katsu” can be two meaning. One is the job-hunting, the other is activity to prepare for death. “Asa-katsu” is activity to make effective use of morning time. “Cho-katsu” refers to improvement in your diet which is good for intestine, which is very important for your health…….etc
I’ve found a new “katsu” word (to me), which is “noon-katsu”. What is it!?
According to the articles I read, it refers to “afternoon tea hunting”.

Afternoon tea is popular here in Japan. So many hotels and tearooms serve afternoon tea menu, and lots of people, most of them are ladies, do afternoon tea hopping.  You  would say, “I am doing “noon-katsu”. Would you join us?”
To me, it doesn’t sound very elegant and sounds right, but the new word could boost the popularity of Afternoon tea further. Who knows??