Tea Tour of Japan, May in 2019 by World Tea Tour

Dan Robertson, a prominent American tea expert, is planning for tea tour to Japan in May 2019.
Obviously, May is the most exciting season for tea lovers. "May in 2019" is more than just that. May in 2019 is very very very special for Japan as the opening of the new era.
On April 30 in 2019, the current Emperor Akihito is going to abdicate, which will be the first time in over two centuries, and the new Emperor, and the current Crown Prince Naruhito  is going to be enthroned on May 1. At the same time, “Heisei era”, Japanese imperial era name will change to the new one.
So when you come to Japan next May, you will not only see and taste a wonderful tea, but feel the new era of Japan. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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