"Tsukemono" Afternoon Tea

I enjoyed "afternoon tea" in Kyoto. But, no scones and clotted cream.

What I had was "tsukemono (Japanese pickles) afternoon tea"!  I know that sounds weird, and please don't get me wrong. This is not popular afternoon tea menu in Japan. It is served at a prestigious tsukemono shop as their eye-catcher.

The menu includes pasta, sandwiches and dessert, all of which are “harmonized “ with tsukemono. (I'm not going to say “perfect”, though .) 

Of course, tea is a must for afternoon tea. They don’t have Uva, Darjeeling and even Assam. Only they have is Hojicha. We can drink all Hojicha we like and it goes well with the rarity. Believe me. This pairing 'is' perfect!!