Wazuka-cha in a Dish

In order to enliven freshly tea season, tea-related events are held here and there.

One of them is a joint project between a prestigious the RIHGA Royal Hotel (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Sakai) ” and "Wazuka-cha”.

Tea produced at Wazuka town in Kyoto boasts its quality. Especially, its sencha (the most common Japanese tea) is known as the finest in Japan, and has played a great role in Uji-cha. In other words, about  40% of tea produced at Wazuka are blended in tea named "Uji-cha".

The chefs and patisseries of the hotel take advantage of its quality, creating their original recipes using the tea as an ingredient. Wazuka tea-tasted lunch, dinner, sweets and alcohol are served at the hotel through June.

Whatever others may say, green tea is believed to be good for you. This project will make us happy both mentally and physically.