English Style in Osaka

Is this a tea room in London?? No, it’s not. This is the one of my favorite tea rooms in Osaka known as Torrington Tea Room.

photo by T

They serve a good selection of tea and great food including their special Egg-Benedict. They use crumpet instead of English muffin. When I feel like having something light, Torrington-style cream tea is good too. Other than crumpet, Walsh cake, which few shops serve in Japan, is served there with cream and seasonal jam made by the shop manager’s own recipe such as nectarine-and-ginger jam, fig-and-nuts jam, peach-and-almond jam etc.

Last month, they saw their first anniversary of the opening of a business. Luckily we enjoyed special menu using big savory scones, which was great too.
photo by T

It is always fun to choose what tea I want to have, and what food I should get with…or vice versa. In Osaka, tea is often served by a cup, which makes me disappointed, but it is served by a pot at this tea room together with a milk jar and a water jug too. Again, this is still unusual in Osaka. This is a great place for a big tea drinker like me!